Spanish club raises money for earthquake

An earthquake measuring 8.0 in certain areas ravaged the South American country of Peru this August. Hundreds died and even more were injured.
Now, members of the Castleton community are doing their part to help.
The Spanish Club is currently raising funds to aid those who were affected by the natural disaster.
One of the project leaders is first year Teacher’s Assistant (TA) Natalia Fernandez from Argentina. Fernandez expressed the level of seriousness in regards to the state of Peru and her club’s endeavor.
“We need more people involved,” Fernandez said. “Think about how much people suffer with natural disasters here in the U.S. Think about how much help people in Peru need.”
According to Brier Welch, a senior and president of the club, they are raising money by selling t-shirts and empanadas.
“They are little meat pies,” Welch said, explaining what an empanada. “They’re usually filled with meat and corn. Every country in South America has their own style of making them.”
The Spanish Club will be selling the Argentinean version of the empanada at Soundings events. There are also plans to raffle off gift certificates.
Professor Ana Maria Alfaro-Alexander is helping coordinate the project. According to her, people are sleeping on the streets of Peru because they are afraid that their houses are going to crumble in the ongoing after shocks.
Alfaro-Alexander is excited that the club is working in conjunction with a foundation in Lima.
“They will take care of buying supplies such as tents, blankets and water,” she said. “And they will bring it all over to Peru.”
Alfaro-Alexander added that the Spanish Club was a very cohesive group. They meet every Thursday in Leavenworth Hall and eat lunch together.
“We’re like a grass roots energizing force,” Alfaro-Alexander said.
She hopes that the energy trickles down and more people continue to get involved.
Donations can be made by contacting anybody involved with the Spanish Club.

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