Saw Tooth to release cd

A new tribal death metal band called Saw Tooth began the first of what will be a long series of rehearsals this past Thursday, which will culminate in the release of their yet to be titled debut album.The band, consisting of CSC alum Steve Hartman, Nate Ziddo, a.k.a. Reaper, and current CSC student Anthony Scott, a.k.a Dreagen, has begun the first stages of song writing as a group. The rehearsals took place in Castleton Corners at the home of Hartman, the band’s guitarist.

The rehearsals, or “jam sessions” as the band calls them, are aimed at locking into and solidifying their sound, which is one that fuses elements of death, thrash, and tribal metal, as well as some hip hop inspired percussion.

When asked why the fusion of so many styles, band members were eager to explain what some might consider an unorthodox approach to creating metal music.

“We are all really big fans of so many different styles of metal and music in general,” Hartman said. “As a fan of death and thrash metal, I knew I wanted to bring a high degree of brutality to the music, but also mix it up with tribalism, because that is the source of all music,” said Ziddo.

Saw Tooth will record their album using Acid Pro, a computer program that allows one to record both instrumentation and vocals through a digital sound layering system known as tracks.

When asked how many songs the album would consist of Hartman was quick to say, “We really don’t care if the record is two or 20 songs long. As long as they are good, we’ll be happy.”

The band also plans on shooting a DVD documentary that will chronicle the recording process and feature candid interviews with each of the members of the band.

Saw Tooth has been the brainchild of Scott and Ziddo for two years, and now with the addition of Hartman, they finally feel they have reached a point where they can bring their primal driven music to life.

When asked what their opinion of the band was as it stood now, Ziddo said, “It’s a match made in hell.

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