Fashion 101

Castleton is not known as a fashion forward community. We tend to dress more for the natural elements that affect us here on campus and sometimes forget that just because we are up here in the country it is no excuse not to look your best. So, every week, I am going to give you a few tidbits of information that should allow you to keep updated on what’s hot and what’s not, a fashion inspiration and a fashion tip. What’s hot: The fall runway shows gave us some interesting points of view and some majorly hot items. One of those hot items is called the shift dress. It harkens back to the mod days of the 60’s. Make the shift dress your new go to dress. Pair it with some knee high boots, or better yet, a peep toe flat and you are on your way to a shagadelic weekend.

What’s not: Last year, the fitted legging was EVERYWHERE. Every store from Old Navy, to Express, to major fashion houses was marketing them as the “in” thing. Well, leave the leggings under your bed and grab a razor to shave those legs. The bare leg is again the hot accessory for the fall.

Fashion tip for the week: If you have a larger calf, for one reason or another, the worst thing to do is to highlight that problem area by wearing a hem that stops mid calf. It makes your leg look like a tree stump, and we all know that the “tree stump” calf never has been or will be a fashion forward idea. Shorten the hem to just above the knee, which tricks the eye into thinking the leg is longer than it actually is! Great tip for the shorter girl trying to look taller!

Fashion inspiration for the week: Get on line and Google! our MOD INSIRATION; TWIGGY! With Mod being all about a carefree attitude, great color and Pucci inspired prints, there is no way you can go wrong. Twiggy and Mod get the nod for our fashion inspiration of the week!

Until then…..Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous!

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