Students say clubs build bonds, overcome boredom

“I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do” are all too familiar phrases said by students around the Castleton State College campus. In actuality, there is plenty to do.

“There are approximately 40 active clubs on campus,” said Melissa Paradee, who works with the Student Association.

“Clubs are very important. Students are more likely to come back to Castleton because of the connections they find through clubs,” said Paradee, who works as closely or distant with each club as each wants her to.

Students like Laura Olson, say clubs really help establish bonds.

“You can’t help but become close with the other people in the club,” Olson said.

Olson is president of the 1 in 10 club and is a part of an a cappella group on campus called Final Thought. She agrees with Paradee that clubs are important on campus.

“Everyone needs their college to be more than just education and clubs are a good outlet,” Olson said.

Being president of one of her clubs, Olson gets to use her management skills that wouldn’t be put forth anywhere else.

Some clubs are more education oriented, such as the Woman’s Issues group, and others are more career driven, like the Criminal Justice club or the Student Nurses Association.

Do you like the Spanish language and culture, but are not a Spanish major? You can still join the Spanish club. All of the active clubs on campus are open to all Castleton students.

For commuters to the school, “being involved in a club could be the best thing to bridge the gap between them and the on-campus students,” said Olson, who paused to think if she had any commuters in her clubs. “It’s not something you think about when you’re all together.”

If you aren’t interested in what the Castleton clubs have to offer, starting a club of your own is an easy process. A constitution needs to be created and it “doesn’t take that long” insists Paradee.

You can find club constitution paperwork in the Student Association office in the Campus Center. For a list of what clubs are available, you can go to the Castleton homepage, click on “Activities” and then to go “Clubs and Activities.”

“Anyone on campus can find a club. Club members are always welcoming, Olson said.

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