Senior Theater project succeeds

For this year’s senior project, members of the theater department decided to connect Black Comedy and The Real Inspector Hound, two British, one-act plays from the 1960’s.Black Comedy started off in the dark, which represented complete light in the world of the characters.

Then there is a power outage, and as the fictional lights go out, the lights on stage come back on again. All of this ironic light gimmickry requires the actors on stage to really concentrate on staying in the world of these characters and not allowing themselves to lose any kind of concentration at all.

This is especially true regarding the scenes that were completely in the dark, where the potential danger for the actors was high.

Luckily, the actors pulled it all off, and even managed to add in a healthy share of physical comedy along the way.

After an intermission, actors Julian DeFelice and Matt Howk came down from within the audience and began The Real Inspector Hound.

A problem with the pit made some of the early lines a bit difficult to hear, but otherwise The Real Inspector Hound was, like its predecessor, another very well performed comedy.

The visual highlight of the play was the dead body portrayed by actor Dave Gabaree, whose part consisted of him laying on the ground and doing all he could not to move for an hour, another difficult task that requires a lot of concentration.

Despite some minor technical problems, this year’s senior project was a success.

Both plays were reasonably daring and required a huge amount of concentration from the actors. They were not easy plays to pull off, which made their success all the more impressive.

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