Nice to meet you:

Sandy, the Library Director for Castleton State College, is an author of a road bicycling guide from East Poultney, VT.
Birthday: October 16, 1948

Favorite Color: “Green, they’re all nice”

Favorite season: “Autumn, I think it’s the most beautiful season.”

Favorite song: “‘Scatter the Mudd’, it’s a traditional Irish jig.”

Favorite author: “Jane Austin.”

How long have you worked at Castleton State College: “Twenty-four years.”

What do you like most about your job: “I like meeting with the students.”

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction: “Non-fiction but it comes and goes.”

What are you plans for the summer: “I work here all summer but I will also be doing a lot of biking and working on a biking book.”

Fondest memory of Castleton State College in 2006-2007: “Beginning of construction on the science building. Not that all the noise and digging are particularly notable. It’s the prospects for the future that are so encouraging and exciting.”

Advice for students: “Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. Think big and broaden your horizons.

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