Dear Friend,I am writing to introduce you to a new non-profit organization, Choose Responsibility, established to initiate an informed and dispassionate public debate over the effects of the 21 year-old drinking age.

Today our website www.chooseresponsibility.org goes live. Check it out. Tell us what you think. Consider lending your name, your time, and your expertise to this effort.

We are still small and struggling, but we have made progress. Perhaps you heard about us in last week’s Chronicle of Higher Education, or even closer to home, in your own mailbox. There is more on the way–US News and World Report, NPR, Parade Magazine. We seek only the opportunity to educate the public, and we are confident that given such an opportunity America’s voice will be heard from the grassroots.

Help us help young adults to choose responsibility.


John M. McCardell, Jr.
Director, Choose Responsibility
President Emeritus, Middlebury College

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