Heck of a Saturday

Cinco de Mayo. May 5, 2007. My bachelor party at Muckenshnabel’s in Rutland, Vt. What could be better?It’s six days before my wedding. And for someone who loves to drink and watch sports as much as I do, it is the best day ever. Let me tell you why … as far as I can recall .

In the car on the way to my fete I’m listening to the Yankees on the radio and Chien Ming Wang has a perfect game through 3. Perfect.

An hour and six to eight beers later and Wanger still has the perfect game intact in the 6th. The horses are trotting to post as the fastest two minutes in sports is about to begin. I am in heaven. Oh yea, it’s Derby day as well. And oh yea, later on, it’s the “Fight of the Century” as Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on the Golden Boy. Wow.

So, I’m pretty bombed and not overly upset when Ben Broussard pulls a shot to right center out of his ass over the blue Yankee Stadium wall in a very upsetting manner. The perfect game is gone but the Yanks are obviously going to win and the gates just opened.

They’re off, and the stag party faithful are glued to the other TV because we all have $5 invested in a winner take all blind draw Derby pool. I turned to the bartender for another beer and by the time I return my attention to the race, it is no more. Street Sense, the odds on favorite, burst to the lead after being well towards the back of the pack for much of the race. Believe it or not, the favorite actually won this edition of the first leg of the Triple Crown.

I lost the pool and Wang lost his no-no, but I’m not going to let the bumps in the road get in the way of my personal athletic endeavor in which I am striving to drink as much alcohol as humanly possible.

And oh yes. I won. Or so they tell me.

Not only did I win, I excelled. At one point, the future Mrs. Trombetta called me out on the fact that I was wobbling like the Russian at the end of Rocky IV.

“I’m dancing,” I said.

Score one for me. I unfortunately lost that point later over what I’ll simply describe as a slight error in judgment.

I’ve experienced a lot of great days for sports in my life but May 5, 2007 was definitely toward the top of the list. I didn’t even mention the fact that a golf tournament in which Tiger Woods was in the hunt was being televised. I also didn’t mention that there was a game 7 in the Western Conference quarters between the Jazz and the Rockets.

I also didn’t mention the fact that I kicked the day off with the LPGA. I know what you’re thinking. I’m not a sick person. I’m a sports fan!

On Sunday, that day I experienced the day before became the second best day ever, because my Yanks signed the Rocket Roger Clemens. Best weekend ever? You better believe it.

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