Fresh Perspectives

Last column of the year folks. That’s right, it’s time. Time to cram in for finals, pack all the crap you’ve accumulated the past eight months and time to say good-bye to the people you have seen every day.

When you think about it, it’s sort of depressing. I mean, yes, sweet time for summer. No studying, no early morning classes, home cooked food and good friends. I know I’m ready for the summer of my life with all my friends from high school.

But it has also been a whole school year. I have spent practically every day with my friend Talia. And now I have to go weeks without seeing her? Odd how that works. When you come to college it’s hard adjusting to not seeing your best friend from back home every day. And you think “This will be hard to get used to.”

But everyone adjusts.

Then you go back home and finally get to spend time with those who are still there, and you realize you aren’t seeing the person you did get to hang out with every day.

I am ready though. Plans are already being made. There are so many people I need to see. Those who are still back home, those who went off to college and of course my awesome CSC pals.

I have a feeling I won’t get anything accomplished this summer, but that’s ok with me. I’ll prep myself for next year. These last few weeks have been a drain on me and I think we all need some good R and R.

Things couldn’t be better though. Besides finals, I’m pretty set. Everything has been seeming to fall into place for me the last week. I just need to make sure I’m all set financially for next year and I can have a good summer.

I actually can’t wait for next semester; there are so many things to look forward to. Rooming with Sarah Parker, in the Love Shack. Working for the paper doing layout and anything else I can possibly do. DJ’ing at WIUV. New classes. New job? (I hope so….)
And anything else I get involved with.

I want to be more involved. I always think I have more on my platter than I do. I’m not good under any kind of pressure. I figure I’ll have to get over this to be a qualified journalist.

So here are a few things I have learned this year that may help up and coming freshies:

Living on your own, even if you can still go home, is tough. You’ll never remember everything you need and keep crawling back to the parentals.
Try to go to bed before 4 a.m. if you have an 8 a.m. class.
Never run out of quarters.
Pizza is the best food ever.
Trance music makes a nice day seem even better.
Make sure to communicate with your roommate via phone/text. Who knows if they are passed out on the couch in the common room or lying in a ditch?
Tile gets dirty far too easily. Own a broom and dust pan, they will be your best friends.
Always make sure you don’t let your work overcome your life. College is a lot more fun if you do your work, but actually have fun too.
The people you meet in college could be in your life forever.
College beds: NOT comfy. Unless you have someone to share one with.

There are a million other things that I have learned, not just about life, but about myself. Thanks CSC, for a great freshman year. The last freshman year of my life.
See ya around.

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