Turnout for SA remains low

The first task is to get enough students to join senate in order for them to be able to vote on issues.Though Corey Gray and Lucas Roberts were elected as the president and executive vice president of the Student Association (SA) in the March 5-9 vote, only 11 of the 27 positions were filled by the election. This number may bump up to 21 after the applications of the write-in portion are reviewed.

Seven percent of students, 147 out of 2102, voted in what was the second lowest turnout in the past eight years.

“I’m disappointed certainly,” SA advisor Victoria Angis said of the low participation.

Gray and Roberts’ main goal for their term is for more students to be involved, according to Roberts.

Gray wants to see more students get on boards such as the college court and the campus center board. He also wants to see an election with more competion instead of most offices running unopposed.

“To take more active participation,” Gray said about what he wants to see from students during his term.

One way for them to get involved is through the districting process which will pair students up with a senate member who will be required to keep the students within their district posted on what is happening in senate.

Roberts is hoping this will help students have their voice heard and for students to understand and be informed about what the SA is doing.

“My guess [on why more people aren’t involved] is the word isn’t put out enough,” Roberts said. “I want to get the name out there and what we do and how we do it.

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