Playing ball in a field of water

Before any Castleton spring sports teams start worrying too much about win’s and losses, they might want to start worrying about when they are going to be able to lace up their spikes for a home game.Over 20 games have been rescheduled already this season for Spartan teams including baseball, softball, men’s and women’s lacrosse and rugby.

The only teams that were able to weave around Mother Nature – to an extent – were the men’s and women’s tennis squads because they are able to play their games indoors in Rutland.

“It’s a good feeling to know that our season won’t be jeopardized because of the weather,” said Sophomore Tennis player Jessee Maranda.

But even they are losing out on practice time, because they can only practice in Rutland two days a week.

But other teams are longing for a home game. The Spartan softball team currently has four losses and four games that have been postponed. The home opener was scheduled for April 10, but as of press time on Monday, the game against rival Green Mountain College wasn’t looking likely. And with more rain and snow forecast for later this week, it looks as though more postponements are in store.

“The weather had us thinking our games were going to look promising finally after a long wait. Now with this past bit of snow, unexpectedly, it set us back another week in the gym,” said freshman catcher Jennifer Longley.

Longley, a home town product from Proctor High School, stressed how much this hurts the club because they have to go back into the gym for practice where none of the women want to be after already spending over a month inside.

Although most of the snow has melted off the fields, they still remain drenched. Golf carts have started to drag the infield dirt around on the softball field, but the main concern is drying the field, rather then moving the water around.

“It’s going to be a huge change going from sneakers in the gym, to cleats in the dirt and it takes longer to get used to then you think,” said Rob Turner, a sophomore pitcher for the baseball team.

Turner, also a local product from Rutland High School, stressed how upset he was that the outfielders haven’t taken any pop-flies and the team has yet to even throw a baseball on their home grass.

“It’s a lot different throwing off the wood pitcher’s mound in the gym then it will be throwing off the mound on the field. It will take time to adjust, we just usually have more time to do so,” said Turner.

The baseball team moved one of its home games to Dodd Stadium in Connecticut, which is also the San Francisco Giants AA field. The Spartans hosted Elm’s college which is about 45 minutes from the field. The trip for the Spartans was nearly three hours, which according to Turner, made it feel like yet another road game.

“We lost our home field advantage for the beginning of the season,” said Turner who hopes his squad can hit the green sooner than expected.

There are several games scheduled for the middle of this week at home, but as of Monday, they were all looking unlikely.

“It’s awful because we are going to pack all our games into two weeks,” said Lacrosse player Brett Quilla.

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