Nice to meet you:

Dennis is a Castleton alumnus from the class of 1987. He has worked at Castleton State College on two separate occasions. At this moment he is the director of residence life and the president of the Alumni Board. Birthday? “October 31, 1965. Halloween baby.”

Hometown? “Exeter, New Hampshire”

Favorite color? “Castleton green”

Favorite season? “Fall, crisp air. You can wear shorts and a sweater.”

Favorite movie? “Diner. I strongly recommend it.”

Favorite food? “Lasagna with a side salad and honey mustard dressing.”

How is CSC different now than it was when you came here as a student? “The facility quantity and quality has gone up.”

Which residence dorm do you think has the best floor plan design? “Babcock, it blends both corridor and community space.”

What made you choose to work at your Alma Mater? “Came back because of the president and because I was living in the Rutland area.”

What was your dream job as a child? “Lawyer, I thought they were really smart, but my definition of smart has changed.”

What is the best part about your job? “Working with students that are in trouble.”

Any words of wisdom for the students of CSC? “The person in the end with the most experience wins.

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