Living in a ‘pornified’ world

Reel Action members Marissa Williams and Matt Kimball presented the show “Who Wants to be a Porn Star?” to a full house on March 26.Many who attended the presentation were not really sure what they were going to see.

Were they really holding auditions?

Were they going to show porn on campus? There were many ideas of what was going to be shown that night.

Students and community members soon learned that Reel Action was putting on a slide show about the porn industry and how the industry is sexist and racist. Reel Action members wanted to educate the Castleton community on how the porn industry really works.

“The slide show was about how pornography degrades women to an object, most notably specific body parts that make men begin to expect a certain standard for all women,” Kimball said, when asked about the purposes of the event. “It teaches us that women are just pleasure centers and not real individuals.

“This significantly affects our personal relationships and we begin to expect certain things, just because porn does it.”

Organizers said the show was a success. The obscene, but honest pictures of porn had a real impact on the audience. They were shocked at how far the porn industry has gone and how easily porn is obtained these days.

“The show wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The images are truly disturbing and they had to get out of my head,” said student Ray Boule. “I had no idea that the porn industry was that bad.”

The statistics that were presented seemed to have the biggest shock factor, numbers that no one wanted to believe.

The presentation gave all who attended a lot to think about.

The world that we live in has become what one writer called “pornified.”

Reel Action’s next film will be “Who killed the electric car?” on April 25 at 5:30 p.m. in Herrick.

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