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Okay, reality check.I’m almost twenty-years-old.

Two zero. When did this happen? I think I finally realized that my first year of college is almost over. High school is done. I find myself tearing my hair out when I am in the midst of high school kids.

I went to this local concert the other night at Higher Ground because my friend’s friend was playing in it. We showed up and low and behold, we regretted it instantly. The entire crowd consisted of fifteen and sixteen-year-olds that annoyed me beyond belief. I was surrounded by adolescent drama.

I felt like such a loser, a college student amongst teenyboppers. My friend and I found ourselves tearing apart the next generation.

They sort of disgust me. No, not sort of, entirely disgust me. Teens now are ridiculous. I feel old saying that, but it’s true. I thought the kids I knew were bad enough, but they are getting worse. I want to smack every one of them back into a time where being depressed wasn’t cool and talking back to your parents got you grounded, instead of getting everything you want.

Why is everyone so depressed? Especially these little teens who whine about “relationship problems”. You’re fifteen; you don’t know what a relationship problem is.

Man, I barely even know.

Fourteen-year-old girls are sluts, teenage boys walk around thinking they are pimps. I didn’t even have a boyfriend until I was seventeen – a normal dating age. Not twelve.

Maybe it’s television. Or movies. Or music- but there’s this whole self-involved attitude that is happening that makes me want to vomit.

All of this makes me go back to my original thought. Time goes by way too fast.

I do not feel as if I’m an almost sophomore in college. I am glad my teen years are over with. When I was a freshman in high school I told myself I wanted to be a “normal” teen and do what everyone else did.

I was wrong.

High school drama is not missed, but instead is transferred into college drama. College drama is the same thing, just amped up a few notches. No matter how hard you try to stay away, it follows you like an unwanted friend.

Not that I can’t say that I’m not knee deep in this drama myself. Creating and aiding to its disastrous rampage. We all “hate” drama, but really that’s a load.

No matter how much you claim to hate it, somewhere inside you thrive off of these little dramatic experiences.

I’ll admit it, it’s kind of fun.

Not in that “I’m having a good time” way, but more of a “this gives me something to do instead of being bored and I get to gossip about it.” You know what I’m saying?

Everyone is involved in drama sometime. Everyone contributes and aids and creates – that’s just what happens. No matter how much you think you have escaped it, it comes back.

All our little whiny problems now will be like the ones we had in high school. They will be resolved and forgotten.

Maybe if some of us spent as much time on our work as on drama we would all have amazing GPA’s.

Ha, Twenty years old. Thank God I’m not sixteen again.

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