Who’s afraid of the big bad pub?

Not so long ago there were four students who wanted a pub on campus — and the big-bad wolf Castleton tried to blow the idea down.For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle Spier and I’m a fifth-year senior at Castleton. That’s right, five painfully long years of cops busting house parties, and nowhere to hang out on campus.

When my last semester finally came around, I decided that there were changes that needed to be made.

I strongly believe that our “small school with a big heart” is lacking something very important: social interaction. Wouldn’t it be so great if there were a place to go where you could hang out and interact with all of the people that you “know” on campus, but don’t really know?

There is no official name or place as of yet, but there are four students hard at work to make it all happen. Up until last-weeks meetings with Aramark Director Pete Merritt and Dean of Student Greg Stone, we weren’t positive that it could actually happen.

“I think it’s possible” said Stone, when asked about creating a place in the Fireside Caf that could serve alcohol.

Our original idea was to have a pub-type place in the Spartan Room in Huden Dining Hall, but it is currently under construction and it isn’t looking good for the near future.

“Even if we do get to the point where the room is useable, where is the money coming from?” Merrit said.

So things are slowly moving in the right direction, but we need support from our fellow Castleton pub supporters, and on March 29 there will be a chance for everyone to get the latest buzz on the pub. From 3 to 5 p.m., there will be an informational open-forum event in Herrick Auditorium, where everyone can learn of the plans and speak their opinions about them.

We’re not looking to create a Girls-Gone Wild atmosphere here, more like a Cheers, where everybody knows your name — or will.

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