Nice to meet you:

William Frey is an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department teaching courses in Intro. to Psychology and Theories of Personality. He also adjunct teaches at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. Birthday: “March 28th, end of World War II”

Hometown: West Field, New Jersey

Favorite season? “Fall, because fishing and hunting are the best.”

Favorite color? “Navy blue”

Favorite food? “Pizza.I like pizza with mushrooms and anchovies.”

Favorite song? “Hmmm.golly, Soul Man by Sam and Dave”

What other jobs have you had? “Music store when I was in high school and college, I worked as a moonlight musician and I was a clinical psychologist.”

What was your dream job growing up? “to be a general practitioner”

How is teaching at Saint Mike’s different than teaching here at Castleton? “It is a lot less structured in the graduate course [at Saint Mike’s] and more structured when teaching undergraduates [at Castleton]”

Psychoanalytic or Behavioral theory? “Interpersonal interpretation. I use an underpinning of psychoanalytic and incorporate different learning strategies.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching psychology? “I love sharing thoughts on human nature and the scientific methodology of psychology.”

Finish this sentence: I would quit my job if.”John Hammond asked me to go on the road with him.”

Any words of wisdom for the students at Castleton State College? “Learn to enjoy reading.

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