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A huge workload, financial aid problems, hating their roommate. These are the things that graduating high school seniors fear as they think about going into college. But none of these fears are as great as the one thing prospective college students are horrified of: the freshmen fifteen.When I first came to college this is what I figured, “Hey, I’m a poor college kid, there’s no way I will eat THAT much because I will be too busy and have no money.” To make sure that I would avoid the freshmen 15, I chose the least amount of meals and brought a lot of my own stuff from home.

Soon enough, I learned that I was horribly wrong.

Back home I was usually at school or hanging out with people so I had less time to hang around and eat. I actually had to pay money for extra food outside of my house, instead of using “points” or my meal card. This meant I snacked a lot, but never really ate a lot.

Even chomping on donuts while working at Dunkin Donuts didn’t seem like to much harm.

Now, I’m not the skinniest girl ever, but I have never really cared. I look okay, and I don’t sit on my butt all day and stuff my face like a pig. I was pretty active just because I was always out doing something. I never felt bad about a few extra pounds.
At this point in time, I am not feeling my lightest.

My first semester I tried not eating too much. I didn’t go to the gym like I promised myself I would, but at least I wasn’t gaining a bunch of weight. Somehow I didn’t feel like I was any different of a size than when I started school.

This semester rolls around, and me and my good friend Talia decide to go to the gym. We buckled down, putting on tank tops and sweatpants, and went. It felt good. (Besides the burning sensation in my legs for the first few days.)

We still go, I promise. But not as much as before. Okay, way less than before. I have found an excuse to not go, which usually involves “something better to do”.

I don’t really think I have gained fifteen pounds. Well, I hope not. But there are a few pounds I have acquired which have mysteriously appeared lately.

Maybe, I just like food too much. Or, I take advantage of the all-you-can-eat option of Huden.

Whatever it is, it needs to stop. I do not want to eat this much, why does food have to be so tasty? Maybe if I had stuck to my gym plan this would not be happening.
But isn’t that always how it is?

I know I always tell myself I am going to do something, then I start it. After a little while I get sick of doing it because I would rather be doing something else.

It’s not like I ever worked out before college except in gym class. Trying to start now is pretty hard. Working out really isn’t what I’m dreading. I think I’m just dreading having to get out of my room and stop playing Guitar Hero or something.

I am a list maker, I make lists for everything – homework, plans, ideas, and whatever else may need a list.
Here’s my new list: Go to the gym. Go to the gym again. And go to the gym more.

Okay, maybe this will not be the final draft of my list, but let’s just say it will go a little something like that.

Well, at least until I find something better to do.

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