Deli expanding, to include small bar

For the past several months, there have been many rumors spreading like wild fire through the CSC campus regarding just what was going on behind the Castleton Pizza Place and Deli. Where the rumors originated is impossible to say, but the focus of all of them was simple, and for many students hopeful: Could it be a bar?

To the disappointment of most post-21 year old students and residents, the answer to that question is no – sort of.

John Rehlen, owner of the deli, said the addition people are seeing won’t be an attached bar.

Instead, he is transforming that portion of the building into a restaurant-style eatery, to accommodate upcoming expansions to the menu. Things like pasta and other dishes will be served back there when the construction is completed sometime in early April.

Here’s where the ‘sort of’ comes in.

Rehlen also said that there will be a small bar in the addition that will seat eight people.

So with the rumors of a large-scale alternative watering hole to ‘The Dog’ put to rest, what do people think of the plans?

Most interviewed said that they would much rather have it be turned into a bar, or at least they showed enthusiasm at the idea of a bar.

“I don’t think the restaurant is what’s needed in town,” said post-graduate student Adam White. “I think it would be cool, but another restaurant isn’t the best thing for the town. A bar would be the ideal thing to put there.”

Michelle Gayne, an area coordinator at CSC, agreed that a bar closer than The Dog might have been a better alternative. That said, she said students will be able to sensibly have a drink at the renovated pizza place.

“I see it as a positive thing. It gives those students of age a safe & fun place to have a drink or two and do so responsibly. I have also always thought that Main Street could use more coffee shops etcetera and I think a bar would be just one more “night time” thing to have,” she said.

An employee of the establishment, who asked not to be named, said she too believes a full bar would have been a better option.

“The Dog is a driving distance away, it would be a lot safer to have a place walking distance from campus,” she said.

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