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You have to love when a girl tells you “I’d really skank it up to this song in the club” referring to the song ‘Talkin’ Stupid.’If you have seen me dancing my way to class the past few weeks, it’s because I’m listening to The Villebillies. The band’s debut album came into WIUV in late September.

The Villebillies are very interesting, in part because their membership totals 10 people in all. They are the product of the merger of two Louisville Kentucky bands, the Villebilles and rock band Plan of Man.

The Villebillies consist of five vocalists, acoustic guitarist Adam Goff, electric guitarist Justin Reid, bass guitarist Ron Ping, and keyboardist BJ Young along with drummer Tip E Toe.

The band has its own unique sound that incorporates many different influences. It would be impossible to label them under a single genre. The band mixes blues, country, blue grass and southern rock with modern hip-hop.

It is not very often that I can listen to a whole album and like every single song, but that’s the case with this album. If I had to pick out three songs, I would have to say my favorites are ‘Mr. Brown Bag’, ‘Talkin’ Stupid’ and ‘Greatest Moment’.

‘Mr. Brown Bag’ has primarily a country or southern rock feel, but there are some elements of hip-hop. The song is a good example of the band’s reoccurring alcohol theme.

“Well me and Mr. Brown Bag we got a past and every time I try to quit it bites me in the ass. I know it sounds bad when people say that I’m an addict, just when I think I don’t know, I got to have it. I knew I couldn’t stop since the day I begun and I’ve been trying to kick the habit since 2001,” is an example of that theme.

‘Talkin’ Stupid’ is a club banger. This song is a straight up hip-hop song that you’d expect to hear while making your body pop at a nightclub. The song also features hip-hop artist Nappy Roots.

The song’s chorus goes like this: “I’ll talk stupid if I want to, you goin’ like it fine, fine, you goin’ shake assets, you wont you use your mind, mind, I will use sarcasm, casm, your hips will be havin’ spasms, you won’t have to think what’s been nothing you cannot fathom, ha ha ha.”

The song ‘Greatest Moment’ is an inspiring anthem. It starts with a beautiful piano solo and then goes into some hard-hitting vocals.

This song really hits home with me because the vocalist speaks of “a friend that can’t get right, putting that powder up his nose every day and night.” It reminds me of my best friend who became a crystal meth and crack cocaine addict shortly after returning home from Iraq. Luckily he’s clean at the present moment.

If you’ve never heard the Villebillies, I suggest you call WIUV and request that the DJ slaps them in the CD player, just tell them Uncle Dave said so. There are no real bands that come into mind when trying to describe the Villebillies, you will just have to give them a listen.

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