Manovill dives into Alumni office

There are some people who just instantly stick out in your mind as being good. Vy Manovill is one of those.Up until this semester, Manovill was the Aquatics/SHAPE director at Castleton State College.

Recently, however, she traded in the pool for the Alumni Office, now serving as associate director of Development and Alumni Relations.

“Among my responsibilities as associate director of Development and Alumni, I will be assisting the director in researching, developing and enhancing life-long relationships with Castleton donors, and developing and maintaining alumni chapters and programs,” Manovill said.

When word got out that The Spartan was writing about her move, people couldn’t stop talking about how much they miss Monovill at the pool, yet they all wished her the best of luck in her new job.

“Much more than just an instructor, she is a friend, and to many, part of the family,” said senior Natalie Brassill.

Dennis Proulx, president of the Alumni Association, said “I can’t say enough good things about Vy in her role as associate director for Development and Alumni Relations!

“You meet Vy, and you can’t help but immediately notice her smile, and her love of Castleton,” Proulx said. “Watching Vy interact with alumni that night showed she is the right person for the job, people were naturally attracted to her.”

Jeanette Ranney, a regular at the hydro fit sessions that Manovill formerly led, said “It became a big family. Vy was very good at keeping track of people. She would send and make casseroles when people got sick.”

In the morning she would even call and let people know what the pool temperature was as a courtesy.

“Our patrons with severe arthritis or chronic back pain wouldn’t benefit from the water when the pool is less than 84 degrees,” Manovill said.

And if the road or parking conditions weren’t good, she would call and advise people to stay home.

“After 17 years, we considered ourselves a pool family, that’s what you do for family,” She said.

Manovill said she misses the people at the pool. She said she always loved when college students would come and participate with area senior citizens. But she also said she excited about her new career – one that keeps her at CSC.

“I am certain this position will be as rewarding and fulfilling for me as the Aquatics/SHAPE director. I have been associated with Castleton for over 30 years as a student and athlete, as a teacher, coach and community wellness promoter, and as an avid fan and supporter,” Manovill said. “It is good for the people of the community to get to know the students in person, they have so much to offer to each other and many of them develop lifelong friendships.”

Dick Nordmeyer, a retired physical education teacher who fills in as hydro fit instructor from time to time, emphasized how much Manovill made everyone feel as if they really were a family.

“If there was a death in the family she would make casseroles, and help as much as possible. When people got sick she would visit them at home or in the hospital,” said Nordmeyer.

“Vy is always in good spirits even that early in the morning. It was refreshing to see her with a big smile,” said Brassill.

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