Valentine’s Day Love Fest

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a time to spread love. It’s a time to make love. It’s a time to have some fun. Correction, it’s time to make some fun.This is the first annual Valentine’s Day LoveFest. Let’s count down this year’s best cupid inspired love letters from the world of sports.

1. From Tom Brady to Peyton Manning- “Hey Peyty, its Tommy. Kudos on the big win. I guess now you aren’t going to have to hear about how I could win the big one and you couldn’t. You’re the man. You know, I’ve always been really mesmerized by your abilities. I really admire your strength and courage. How come you never call? Oh well. At least I still have Bill and my chin dimple. Oh yea, don’t forget my three rings. Ok, well, I’m off to the mall. Catch ya later.”

2. From Roger Federer to Tiger Woods – “Eldrick, it’s Roger. I just got back from Australia and I’m really psyched about this sweet trophy. You know, a lot of people are comparing us these days in an effort to see who the most dominant athlete in the world is. I just want you to know that I give the nod to you. I was unsure until I Googled your wife. Hope you don’t mind. “

3. From Tony Dungy to Lovie Smith – “Nice try my friend. You were a worthy opponent. By the way, please don’t mention to anyone that I talked to you in the corridor at halftime. I feel bad. I was trying to do the right thing. I honestly thought your best chance to win was by cutting Grossman loose. Sucker.”

4. From Elin Nordegren Woods to Roger Federer – “Listen here tennis boy. Let it be known that my head was super-imposed on all of those pictures. I’m flattered that you considered me a Google-worthy subject, yet mildly disturbed by it. You and Tiger better play nice on the set of your upcoming Gillette commercials.”

5. From Mark Cuban to David Stern – “Hola Mr. Commish. My people have informed me that I’ve paid your people over $2 million in fines over the past few years. Where exactly is that money going? Are you and Sir Charles “hanging out” again? I hope you escape All-Star Weekend in Vegas with your bankroll in tact.”

6. From Mia Hamm to Derek Jeter – “Hi DJ! Nomar still doesn’t know about us, but it’s Valentine’s Day and I can’t help but think of you. Nomar just can’t turn the double play like he used to. He’s so into this new position, and it really freaks me out. Now he just stands there on the receiving end. Also, his production is way down from where it was seven years ago. I know you’ll never lose it.

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