Representing Castleton to a Tee?

Winter weekend is usually a time of concerts and events that truly capture the Castleton spirit. I have pride in my school, and it’s great when we can all come together in the name of school spirit. However, I feel Winter Weekend ’07 didn’t quite capture the spirit of Castleton.At every event I went to, I saw smiling faces sporting a tee shirt with a lovely snowflake on it and “Castleton Winter Weekend 2007” written around it. However, when people turned around, I saw silhouettes of “sexy” women and men with the caption “We’re bringing sexy back.. Yeah” on the back.

How exactly does this capture what Castleton, or winter weekend, is about?

As a Women’s Studies minor, and member of the Castleton Women’s Issues Group, I am deeply offended by this choice in tee shirts. This shouldn’t only affect me however, as these beauty and sexuality stereotypes shouldn’t be pressed upon anyone.

It is hard enough to live in a society where one particular concept of beauty is shoved down your throat by celebrities and magazines. The fact that the Student Association is further pressing these ideals is ridiculous and completely uncalled for. I feel the Student Association should rethink what exactly the spirit of Castleton truly is, rather than trying to “bring sexy back.”

I came to Castleton because of its truly unique nature of acceptance and equality; let’s bring that back.

I wrote this with the support of the Women’s Issues Group. To join us please contact:

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