Outhouse Gazette going bimonthly

For students who have been attending Castleton State College for the past four years, Judith Carruthers’ Outhouse Gazette has been a regular supplier of information on jobs, campus activities and all kinds of helpful hints for the average student.And its location, the bathroom, never ceases to change, or cause a chuckle.

The publication, which hangs over the toilets in the restrooms across campus, was actually started quite some time ago, but it was pulled from publication because of a lack of interest.

Carruthers, however, thought it was a great idea, and after five years since it’s reestablishment in the school’s restrooms, she says that she’s been getting feedback like never before.

So much feedback, in fact, that starting this month The Outhouse Gazette will be upgraded to a bi-monthly publication.

Carruthers says that soon she hopes to have it focus more and more on specific majors, and that each issue will be specifically written for a certain major.

However, the strong focus on certain students each issue will not deter Judith from including as many different topics in it as she can. She said she’s always contacted by different faculty, clubs, teams and students about different things to be included in the Gazette, and most of the time she is more than happy to comply.

The Gazette is also starting to span across different forms of media.

Information about careers can be heard on her WIUV radio program “Career Talk” as well as at www.castleton.edu/careers.

The school’s restrooms aren’t the only bathroom walls the Gazette adorns, however. Carruthers revealed that President Dave Wolk has a copy of every issue on his bathroom wall as well.

But what does the average student have to say about the bathroom publication?

From what Judith said, the feedback has been great and she’s heard nothing but positive reviews.

Asking around on campus, her assumption about the popularity of the Gazette was proven accurate. An overwhelming number of students gave praise to the publication.

“An invaluable resource for the students on campus,” student Ira Morgan said.

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