Nema: You Could Be All Flame

Satan best take a step back for a second, Jesus is bound to land a few punches come Feb 13.On that day, Christian rock band, Nema releases their debut album ‘You Could Be All Flame,’ on a relatively new record label called Redwall Music.

Nema, a band whose music is heavily influenced by religion, has amazingly became an instant favorite of mine.

It plays nearly non-stop on my I-Pod while riding the bus to work or when I’m walking to and from class. And at home, I turn up the stereo real loud and rock out like a crazy person.

I received ‘You Could Be All Flame’ through WIUV a few weeks ago. I was surprised that I had never heard of the band before. Nema has shared the stage with hardcore acts like Every Time I Die and He is Legend, both which I’ve seen live.

Nema is from West Virginia and consists of members John Flint (vocals), Chance Taylor (Drums), Josh Wilson (Bass), and Tyler Timmy (guitar).

Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and heavier artists like Sevendust and KoRn, are the bands major influences.

Nema resembles most bands in their genre. The vocals go from being soft and melodic to brutal screaming, a beautiful sound. The instrumentals have that typical hardcore sound; pounding fast paced beats and lightning guitar riffs.

My favorite tracks on the album would have to be “We’ll Be Alive,” “The Audacity,” “Don’t Forget Your Coat and Umbrella” and “I Feel The Life.”

In all of these songs Flint’s voice goes from Michael Jackson style vocals to a raw primal screaming at the drop of a hat. His lyrics are powerful and catchy at the same time.

“I have determined that there is nothing is wrong.everything for me is gone.And I wake up every morning and I kill myself and I walk up every morning and I kill myself” is an example.

There are a few songs on the album that are solely focused on praising the almighty Jesus Christ of Nazareth. These songs include “Paul’s Letter,” and “Tyler’s Song” and “Church Song.”

“To choose to follow with show me how I’m to serve me how I can burn from the inside show me how I’m to serve you,” he sings.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Nema before now and that is a goddamn shame. Yet, if you are a fan of Underoath, Poison the Well, Haste the Day or Between the Buried and Me, then Nema is right up your alley.

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