Finally a presidential race to get excited about

It’s back again – the mud-slinging, the “investigative reports” into the pasts of presidential candidates.This year, however, threatens something else – an election to actually be excited for.

The question used to be: When will a minority become president? Now the question is: Which minority will be the Democrat presidential candidate?

It seems the Democratic race will be more about race and gender than about political stances as Bill Richardson already has plans to exploit the Hispanic population to win votes.

For years, people have been joking about a female president and Hillary Clinton has decided it is time for one by throwing her name into the race. Her presidential candidate speeches refer to her strengths and political outlook rather than her gender.

The entire circumstance seems to be a ploy for entertainment. What else can you expect from the media that turns Britney’s life into a soap opera?

Ploy or not, the general public is going to be watching, and maybe even caring about politics again. And let’s hope that there is talk of politics and not just skin color and gender.

It is past time for a minority to take office in the White House and break the monotony of old white men. Each brings a different face, but not much else.

The challenge, however, is getting to members of the public, who insist on not using their brains when voting. I’m still reeling from Bush being re-elected. How can the American public make that big of a mistake twice in a row?

It’s surprising that it has taken so long to get some diversity in the run for the White House in a nation that prides itself on variety. Thirty-one flavors of ice cream, anyone?

For the first presidential election I can vote for, I am glad that a variety finally exists for a presidential candidate, though if given a chance, I would still vote for Al Gore.

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