Vampires are among us

My name is Stasya Afanasii. I came from Russia when I was 16, and I have been a vampire since 2004. Now, I shall live forever in the shadows of the night.

I like America, I really do. There are lots of people and it’s quite easy to find work. Lots of freedom here, in America. I came to Rutland, Vt. two weeks ago to find a place to settle down for the winter.

I wanted to go some place that was just as cold and just as snowy as my home. I traveled all over the United States this past summer, and have heard wonderful things of Vermont in the winter time.

So here I am, walking into a meeting of other vampires. I have never met a single vampire other then my master, the one who made me who I am. When I arrive, I am instantly greeted by what would appear to be a hostess. She welcomes me, and then takes my weapons.

Apparently this is a place free of violence. She mentions a prince, one who sees over the entire region, and that I should introduce myself. I agree, as I know nothing of the vampiric ways of rule, but I know about the human ways of rule — and being a newcomer in someone else’s city, it would be of the utmost importance to introduce myself.

I’m looking for a place to take haven for the winter, I’m looking for work to support myself, and I’m looking for action.

I introduce myself to some of the locals, and hear lots of interesting stories of the past. This city has an enchanting history. Backstabbing, killings, political misconduct, I couldn’t have found a better place for myself!

You see friends, I am an former worker of the FBI. I am an assassin. That is what I do. So even before I became a walker of night, I killed. I spent my entire summer working for different clients and killing whomever they paid me to kill. It would seem that the events of that night were not of the normal actions for vampires in this area.

A group of them came from Albany, to socialize with the newcomers, I assume. It would appear they knew a lot of the older Rutland residents. I also heard that Rutland has gone through quite a few princes in its time. And it would seem that Albany and Rutland like to compete with each other.

These vampires have connections to other vampires all over the world. I never knew there were so many of us.

That night, someone staked the prince of Rutland. And contrary to popular belief, no she did not die. Yes, I said she, for our prince here in Rutland, is a female. As is the prince of Albany as well. This surprised and delighted me.

Woman coming of power is something very unfamiliar to me, as where I am from, this rarely happens you see. So her being staked was of no surprise. For I heard rumors that it is pretty common for Albany to try to take control of Rutland.

This is politics of course. Nonetheless, she survived, and last I knew, the Vamp who staked her is blood hunted. I’ll let your imagination decide on that one.

Along with other minor happenings, I even got to fight a pair of gargoyles this night. This was a complete utter waste of time. My bullets kept bouncing off their cold stone skin. I don’t think that fighting them was the right course of action however.

But I did as I was told. And doing as I was told got me into a grapple with one of them, and it took a great deal of time to get out of it. I’m used to fighting people, not stone animals!

I encourage all other Vamps of the Rutland area to come and join us some time. We’d all love to meet you, and every political side could use more to fight for their cause!

****Katherine Danelson is involved in the role-playing club that meets regularly on campus and interacts with clubs from other areas including Albany

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