Nice To Meet You: Randy

Name: Randy IngramBirthday: August 8th

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas

Favorite color: “forest green”

Favortite season: “winter” Why: “ski”

Quote that you live by: “Oh wad some power that giftie gie us…to see oursel’s as others see us.” – Robert Burns

Current job title: “Assistant Professor”

How long have you been working at CSC: “one and a half years”

Where did you work before this: “10 years before working here I worked for the Alley Theater in Houston”

What is the best thing about your job: “watching when the students get it.”

What has been the worst catastrophe you have had to deal with on stage: “someone kicked a metal goblet and it hit another actor, cutting her head, and than the director fell down the stairs and cut his head when he went to check on the other actor.”

What has been the most intricate set design you have created: “For “Preacher With a Horse to Ride”. It was four towers that moved on stage and inside each was a projector and projector screen.”

When did you realize that this was what you wanted to do as a profession: “Highschool, when I was involved in shows”

Any additional things you would like to share with students at CSC: “Don’t give up. If its something you really want to do, don’t let anyone say you can’t do it.

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