Huden trades burgers for brews

You enter Huden Dining Hall and make your way to a room filled with students, music, snacks — and yes even beer. On Nov. 16, The Third Place and The Speak Easy held an event that turned the dining hall into a pub, attracting a huge crowd with a huge love for music and friends.

Joe Zeitler, a junior, helped organize this event that he said took a lot of time and effort.

“Everyone that has talked about the event has had only good things to say,” Zeitler said, although he added that students did complain about beer prices – which he said he had no control over.

Beer and wine prices ranged from $3.00-$4.00. Students waited though, waited for their drinks in an orderly fashion. Aramark even sold out some of the beer.

Aramark is the company that controls the colleges food and beverage servces. Zeitler said the students who organize the event do not profit at all.

After grabbing a drink students mingled their way to the front of the room and jammed out to music, forgetting about the day’s stress.

While listening to the music, students pushed through chairs and tables to get close to the action. The more bashful students stayed in the back watching others dance, laugh, and sing. The room was a bit of a tight squeeze, but it didn’t seem to bother people.

Madison Quinn, a junior, went to the third place for the music and to spend time with her friends.

Quinn, who isn’t 21, said she enjoyed hanging out with her older friends that normally go to the bar. She would defiantly attend another show if it were offered.

“What I saw I really enjoyed,” said Quinn, who did say she felt a little crowded at times and felt the tables were unnecessary. The chairs would work just as well she said.

Zeitler said he hopes students appreciate how much time and effort went into this project. Future projects are going to require additional student involvement, he said.

“The event was to promote responsible drinking as well as Safe Ride,” said Zeitler. Also he said to promote “the third place.”

In society, he explained, we have our home, work, and another place to socialize with our peers. The Third Place and Speak Easy are composed to draw students together.

Dean Stone, who attended the event, felt the students handled the event very well for the most part.

“Twiddle was the band I enjoyed the most,” Stone said.

The event, Stone said, attracted certain groups of students who all handled themselves respectfully and still had fun.

Stone said the event did have alcohol, but he didn’t want that to be the main focus. If there is a drink limit students will drink to the limit and then leave. He hopes students come for more than that.

Stone’s only problem is he doesn’t want alcohol to be the number one factor. He said he hopes students are better that that and he said he’d welcome other events like it..

On the night of the event, people would jump outside to cool off, and then head right back in and never miss a beat.

Zeitler said other events are possible, as long as people are willing to help. He also added the events could get bigger.

“Spread the word, if you had a good time let people know that weren’t there,” said Zeitler

If you would like to be involved with The Third Place you can contact Joe Zeitler at

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