CD Review The Prize Fighter Inferno: ‘My Brother’s Blood Machine’

Coheed and Cambria fans rejoice!The Prize Fighter Inferno (Claudio Sanchez lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Coheed and Cambria) recently released an album titled ‘My Brother’s Blood Machine.’

‘My Brother’s Blood Machine’ is the prequel to the Armory Wars. The Armory Wars is the concept behind the Coheed and Cambria albums, the story of the Kilgannon family: Coheed, his wife Cambria, their four children and Coheed’s brother Inferno.

Inferno dies in Coheed and Cambria’s third album ‘Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Vol. 1: Fear Through the Eyes of Madness.’ In “My Brother’s Blood Machine’ Inferno is resurrected on present day Earth where he tells the story of the Blood Machine.

“The Blood Machine revolves around three families, one being the Bleam family, who are our horrific sort of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ family, there’s the McCloud family where we have our main character, Cecilia and the Early family,” said Sanchez in a recent MTV News interview.

According to Sanchez, there are a number of subplots that develop. One song tells of how Cecilia’s father molests her. Cecilia then kidnaps her twin brothers and they runaway into the woods where they meet the Bleam family.

The Bleam brothers, Long-Arm and Butchie, are convinced by their insane mother that they are the new death and need to collect souls for God.

“And so, out of their mind, they’re like, ok, so when a body dies, how do we get the soul out of it? They construct this Blood Machine, which basically tears a body to shreds, and they think that releases the soul,” said Sanchez.

Coheed and Cambria fans will be thrown for a loop when they first insert ‘My Brother’s Blood Machine’ into their stereos.

Sanchez switches genres with this album. Coheed and Cambria is a rock band, The Prize Fighter Inferno is acoustic electronica.

The album is almost a lullaby if it wasn’t for all the death and destruction. Sanchez sings in a calm, soothing feminine-like voice that can put you to sleep if you’re not focusing on the genius behind his lyrics.

‘To your knees, this daily passion, you don’t feel anything, you couldn’t raise the knife across him, but would you dare ask anyone to, take away all the blame? What if you aren’t responsible? Would it ease this life a little, to see him buried instead?” is an example oh his lyrics.

The Prize Fighter Inferno certainly does not sound like a Coheed and Cambria album. It instead sounds more like an album done by the Postal Service, a poppy electronic dance party.

Some songs that people are bound to love are ‘A Death In the Family,’ ‘The Margretville Dance,’ and ‘Run, Gunner Recall, Run! The Town Wants you Dead!’

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