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Going to Castleton was, honestly, the best thing for me. It sculpted me into who I am now and where I am now. After graduating from a competitive high school in Connecticut many of my peers went off to Ivy League Colleges, as well as other pier one institutions. I would envy them at first, but learned fast that I was at a school that could

compete with theirs. Castleton provided me with an unbelievable education, social skills and a beautiful and peaceful place to learn. And to be able to sit in a small class room with a small class size and have such individual attention from professors that outweigh many out there was worth a million dollars.

To be honest I cried so hard when I graduated in May of 2004. I still, when the end of August rolls around, get nostalgic for Castleton and returning back for another exciting semester.

I absolutely loved going back at the end of the summer. Of course, I missed Nantucket, but getting back into the swing of things was a piece of cake. Each semester I would get so excited to meet and learn from my professors.

I could have majored in anything from geology to sociology, because each professor in each department, I felt, brought such a strong enthusiasm to the class. I have been living on the island of Nantucket year-round for about three years now. I absolutely love living here. Some might remember my slight infatuation with the island from college.

After I graduated in May of 2004 I decided to come out to Nantucket for another summer of fun before getting too serious with a career or major move. I think something in me knew I would probably not be leaving Nantucket anytime soon.

Previously, I had spent time on here during the peak summer months working and having fun in between years at college – highly recommended.

I landed a job at the end of “my last summer fling” with Nantucket working with a high-end interior designer at her shop – Cabbage Rose Interiors. It was a great job – tons of fun and I got to meet lots of interesting people (especially famous ones).

I left when a position in advertising opened up at a local Nantucket magazine – N Magazine. The magazine, launched in 2002, has now partnered with Boston Magazine, among others, and remains the most read magazine on the island.

The community on Nantucket reminds me in many ways of the Castleton community. It is a tight knit community, with a lot of heart and sole, as well as strong livers – if you know what I mean.

While living on Nantucket these past few years I have tried to be as active with Castleton as I possibly can – which is slightly hard being on an island. I was able to make a trip up this past fall and was astonished at the changes. It looks great! I always knew Castleton was one of the few colleges nationwide that was a best kept secret. I am thrilled as Castleton embarks on such popularity and recognition it remains to be a small school and continues to promote its philosophy of being a small school with a big heart.

This past summer I was able to sell necklaces, made by people of Project Chacocente, Nicaragua, here on Nantucket. I had the pleasure to experience working at Project Chacocente, Nicaragua, my senior year and try so hard to keep that wonderful experience alive in my life. Once I learned some of the people living at the project were making necklaces I thought how good they would sell here during the summer months. With big help from a local jewelry store I was able to have a case dedicated to the necklaces this summer, a few kid’s I often baby-sit for walked up and down the beaches selling them, and I sported one of the necklaces for about four months and got lots of leads and sales that way. Needless to say they were a smash hit.

I do put my journalism degree to good use by writing every now-and-then. I have been working on a few book ideas – mostly children’s books, and plays. I hope to see one of my plays on the new Castleton stage one day. Hopefully, sooner then later.

I am also excited to play an active role in planning for Castleton’s Boston reunion this January. It will be held at a fabulous new spot, Panificio, in the North End and details are slowly, but surely, rolling in. Please read emails with up-dates on the reunion, as well as the Castleton Website. Also, visit the venues website It was rated best new restaurant in Boston for 2006.

Castleton will always have a large part reserved in my heart.

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