Say no to steroids

I’m writing in response to an article i read in the latest edition of the spartan, in “Dawson on Sports.”I disagree entirely with his article and i think that what he wrote is completely ridiculous. how could anyone who cares about sports in the slightly degree think that steroid use is perfectly fine. Yes everyone knows that many professional althethes use steroids, but that’s no reason for it to be ok. So many people look up to them, including children, that’s like telling a 10 year old that because Barry Bonds uses steroids to play better so can he. Its ridiculous. If we allow professional athletes to all use steroids to “make the game more interesting” its just going to make the game stupid. Who wants to watch a bunch of juiced up guys run around on a field. I know I don’t. As for Babe Ruth, I highly doubt that he would use steroids even if they were around during his era. Using steroids is cheating. And i don’t believe that the best baseball player of all time would ever cheat, especially in such a low way. After reading this article, obviously written by someone who knows nothing about sports, I’m surpised that someone would let this run in the paper. I now want nothing to do with this paper again.

Jennifer Sasso

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