Nice To Meet You, Naomi

Name: Naomi JuliusBirthday: June 9, 1976

Hometown: “West Haven, VT”

Current Job Title: “Housekeeping”

How long have you been working at CSC: “about a month”

What other jobs have you had in the past: “daycare provider, photographer, factory worker, and custodian.”

Favorite color: “royal blue”

Favorite season: “Fall”
Why: “You know that the holidays aren’t too far away.”

Favorite videogame from your childhood: “PacMan”

Do you prefer Pledge or Endust: “Pledge: Lemon”

What is your favorite part of your job: “Interacting with the students.”

What is the worst mess you have had to deal with: “Poop around the rim of the toilet seat.”

Finish this sentence: I would easily quit my job if _____? “Catastrophe after catastrophe happened week after week.”

Have you had any encounters with the paranormal of Ellis: “No. Why? What do you guys do?

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