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The word sexy has been around for a long time. If you go to any other countries in the world and use the word sexy then people will understand instantly what you are trying to say. Even in Japan, the word sexy is a common word for people, and especially Japanese women are influenced by it. But what is sexy? Who is sexy? Seven Japanese girls helped me seek for the true meaning of what’s sexy. According to all of them, the image of sexy comes from American models; but not from the guys. It’s coming from the female models.

Yuki Kano, who is currently student at Fairleigh Dickinson says, “I always wish I had bodies like the models.” Hiromi Maeda who is enrolled in Hawaii Pacific says, “All the American models are so skinny, yet they have muscles. Unlike Japanese models, they have nice chest and big butt big enough that looks sexy hips. But the most of all it’s their long and nicely shaped legs that makes me think that they are sexy.”

Miu Ichikawa who is a 20 year old amature magazine model stated, “On average Japanese models height is short and child-like figuring for the most part, on the other hand American female models are voluptuous and have an adult like atmosphere.”

Other girls answered almost same thing. Kyote Yokoyama, who is going to school at Johnson State College and Nachiko Tsuta currently working in Japan said American models’ distinct features (face), tall nose, and beautiful eyes makes her wish that I had those.

Now let’s look at their fashion. American female models tend to wear, simple thus, thin clothing that expose their worked out body. In a Japanese fashion scene, it’s more of loose kasanegi (heavily clothed) and Harajuku-kei (it is a name of a street in Tokyo and people there has their own fashion sense like funky and colorfully dressed.) are popular in younger generation.

“I pay attention to their fashion; I prefer American fashion than Japanese fashion.” Kano said.

Asuka Ishii who is going to a high school in Vermont said with laugh, “I used to like kasanegi, but I prefer thinner clothing even though it’s colder here than where I live in Japan.” She also said, “I think make ups are part of the fashion too. I wasn’t really into putting make ups to school, but since I came here, I can’t go to school with out face powder and trimmed eyebrows.”

“American models look really good in anything, like a model with rugged t-shirts with jeans. I can never wear those and be able to look good in those clothing,” said Maeda.

“Japanese female dye their hair as fashion in Japan. It is huge. Almost everybody you see in a street has dyed their hair. I think they are influenced by blond hair American models.”

Do all the American models look sexy to you guys?

“It really depends on who you look at, but when a girl is active (like with sports) and can also be fashionable, I think it’s sexy. A girl with a great personality (outgoing and genuinely nice to everyone is sexy,” said Kano. “I think looks play a pretty big role in being sexy. Like a girl with clean (not messy) hair, nice smile, toned or skinnier body, and a good scent have a better chance of appearing sexy before getting to know their inner side.”

Overall, these girls answered the image of sexy in terms of physical description and fashion sense. One thing that everybody had in common was the being skinny, colored eyes, and thinner clothing. However, how does this influence in our life?

Satoko Kubo, who is enrolled at University of Vermont said it in smile, ” being sexy means being much more attractive, and that could change our life eventually; like it is true that how they look could affect their choices of job opportunities also like being surrounded by hot American guys too.

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