Sounding Off

Event Countdown -eight left from which to choose

Drama/Social Awareness

TONIGHT-Oct. 18th, 7 p.m., Fine Arts Center, (Casella Theatre) Kenny Carnes, “Pieces of War”

From his position as a former soldier, Carnes presents a cast of characters who explore the realties of war and the possibilities of peace. (His promotional material calls it dramatic verse -but it sounds like rapping to me.)


Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m., Fine Arts Center, Metamorphoses

The Weston Playhouse Theatre Company presents an adaptation of Ovid’s tales of mythical transformations.

Planning ahead-


Nov. 7, 7 p.m. lecture, 8 p.m. discussion, Glenbrook Gym, Billy Mills,

Advocate for Native American youth and the U.S.’s only Olympic gold medal winner in the 10,000 meters

Note – Students can earn two Soundings credits for this double event, but they must attend the lecture portion before they are eligible for credit for the discussion portion.

Quotable Lines:

Manhattan Piano Trio Master Class

Question -What did you learn about what it takes to put together a performance such as this?

“To put together a performance it takes not only time but talent. Also all members of the group need to have an open mind to be able to see each others’ strengths. Not only that but to be able to see how different influences change styles and musical compatibility.” David Wentzell

“In order to put on a performance of this magnitude, practice is very important. Individual rehearsal and practice is just as important as practicing with a group. Having good communication with each other and being able to criticize each other in a positive way will only make the performance better for everyone.” Michael Johnson

Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Question: What images did the music evoke for you?

“I liked listening to the Green Mountain piece because I could imagine the mountain echoes we experience around here and up on Killington.” Andy Brolsma

“I listen to classical music when trying to study, so I imagine numbers, dates, important events and facts floating around on a test day in class.”

Adam Desautels

“I could see the rain falling on flower petals, and could see the Hermit

Thrush fly high and proud. I could see and feel the sea serpent sneaking up

on expecting swimmers. Then I saw the drunken man stumbling up stairs and

down hallways. Finally I could see a grand celebration with a beautiful

sunset.” Jillian Martins

The Crucible

Question 1–The Crucible was written in the 1950’s and set in the 1690’s.

How does it apply to 2006?

“It applies to 2006 and the thoughts of terrorism. The witch hunt we have placed on Iraq, Iran, and many other countries. Our president and his followers point fingers with no evidence. Weapons of destruction? I didn’t think so, just as we saw no witches on this stage. It is those who do not question because of either faith in religion or government, both are the same, that kill the innocent.” Yvette Furnia

“Telling the truth or living a lie is something not only government officials but the common man has to choose every day. It’s a moral decision that man will forever have to answer. The real question is what kind of person will you choose to be? It’s a question that transcends time.” Sarah Strielkauskas

Question 2–“With which character do you most identify?”

“I actually connect the most with John Proctor’s character. I connect with him because there have been times in my life when I’ve wanted to fix a situation and make it right. Sometimes though, the process of making things right is a lot harder than keeping things the same.” Kimberly Lyons

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