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Well Mr. Barry Bonds you are officially a disgrace to Americas pastime. Honestly it’s really a waste of time to even write about Barry Bonds, but

since everyone loves to talk about America’s favorite cheater, I guess I

should throw my two cents out there as well.

What drives me nuts the most is not that fact that Bonds most likely used

steroids, or the fact that he keeps his kids around in interviews to deflect steroid questions or even that he is a horrible defensive player.

It’s little things that he does. For example Bonds recently hit his second

home run in 20 games. Yes 20 games! So instead of just rounding the

bases Bonds feels it’s necessary to put one finger in the air to show up the

pitcher. I just don’t understand how a guy with all this controversy

surrounding him, and people badgering him at every stadium he goes to can

round the bases and show off.

Commissioner Bud Selig said that when Bonds breaks Babe Ruth’s home run

Record, which will unfortunately be very soon, there will be no

celebration for him. Selig is a very smart man. He has done great

things to crack down on steroid use in baseball.

If you remember he is the one who came up with the heavy penalties for steroid use last season. Selig knows that it’s very likely Bonds used steroids to break all these

home run records and to shun a celebration is a great move.

Bonds doesn’t deserve anything other then boos this season, much less recognition for passing Babe Ruth.

If you are one of these people who thinks Bonds is innocent, I

dare you to look at a picture of him when he first came to the majors and

look at a picture of him now. I know working out gets you bigger, but it

doesn’t do what happened to Barry Bond’s.

Saying this man got enormous would be an understatement. It’s just going to be awful to see him surpass the Babe, the greatest baseball player ever, by cheating. We are talking about Babe Ruth! Barry Bonds doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence.

The worst thing about this whole situation is the role model Bonds has

become to little kids. The sad thing is kids don’t understand how harmful steroids are

to your body. If you’re teaching your kids not to cheat, but dress them up

in a Bonds jersey, you’re perpetrating a contradiction.

Can you imagine a world where every Little Leaguer wanted to be like Barry Bonds? We would have nothing but a bunch of show-off punks trying to pound anything into their body to enhance the power behind their swing.

If I see Bonds in the Hall of Fame with Pete Rose looking in, I am done with baseball. Have a good summer.

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