TBA Rocks Castleton

Laser lights, smoke machines, hanging bloody legs and free live music all day isn’t something you normally see in the Fine Arts Center.But on March 25 that was the scene.

The second TBA, or Total Backstage Access concert, which took place behind the curtains on the stage of the theater in the Fine Arts Center, was a huge success according to organizers and those in attendance.

Dan Fischer, who filmed the show for an upcoming DVD and helped with the set-up, said there were 50 more people than last year.

The format of the show was a bit different this year. This time around, the event was set up as a battle of the bands with the winner receiving a Lexicon Omega home recording system. The band that won the show last year, local favorite Twiddle, headlined the show after the battle results were announced.

As usual, they received a huge response from C.S.C. students and concert goers, with some even seeming to have religious experiences as Twiddle fired through an almost three-hour long set.

Keyboardist Ryan Dempsey said that the show was his favorite of all time.

“The lighting was sick the stage was awesome and the crowd was pumped.” Dempsey said.

Who won?

Who else but Tub, the three-piece band formed only weeks before the competition for the sole purpose of winning this battle.

When asked how they pulled it off, lead singer and guitarist Reed Nichols said, “It was a scam, but who cares? We got free @#&*.”

Other highlights of the night included music from bands like Sand Hill, which has been playing the Castleton circuit for years, and a visit from “The Doctor’s” new band Taken Audibly.

If all goes well, this won’t be the last TBA we see on the Castleton campus and with the response it got this year it’s likely to return again next year bringing a whole new crop of Castleton talent with it trying to take the title away from Tub.

Editor’s note- Refer to our slide show for pictures of the TBA event at Castleton.

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