College Counselor Resigns

Lisa Kellogg, the Wellness Center counselor, will be leaving Castleton on July 1, 2006. She was employed at the college for a year and a half as the college counselor along with being director of the alcohol and other drugs program on the Campus. Kellogg said she had several reasons for leaving her position here at Castleton, some being financial, but the major one was the need for a counselor who was actually licensed.

Kellogg is currently in the process of becoming licensed, but won’t have it for a while longer.

In order to handle the workload as the college counselor and the director of the drug and alcohol programs on the campus, Kellogg said that she needed interns and she could not supervise interns without being licensed.

“I love the work, the college and the students,” said Kellogg “It’s been fantastic!”

After leaving Castleton, Kellogg said she would like to do more private work in her own practice along with possibly doing some life coaching or organizational development work. She also wouldn’t mind doing some part-time work for the college, if needed.

“This was an extremely hard decision to make,” said Kellogg.

Gregg Stone, dean of students, said he was extremely disappointed that Kellogg was leaving.

“She really has done a great job for us,” in creating the ideal Wellness program for the campus, he said. He also mentioned that if part-time work became available he wouldn’t hesitate to call Kellogg.

Kellogg also notes that she would like the students who she worked with to stop by or e-mail her, to help with some closure on the whole situation.

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