UConn is next champ

Oh yeah its Brackettville time baby. Who’s going to make the big play? Is it going to be Duke’s J.J. Reddick? Could it be Gonzaga’s Adam Morrison? Or will it be trash talking Chris Kenny? Who ever it is, we do know that the Carmelo days are over in Syracuse as the Orangemen were sent packing in the first round yet again. After the heroics they put on in the Big East tournament, it was evident they just ran out of gas.

We all remember last year when the University Of Vermont took down the Orange, the best thing that’s ever happened to any basketball program in Vermont.

Of course Duke will be there down the stretch. Reddick, the second best player in the country behind Adam Morrison, is at the helm ensuring that the Blue Devils will be making some noise. Coach K always brings in solid players to the program, but he doesn’t have the best post players in the country like his teams normally

do. Sheldon Williams is talented, but he’s not Elton Brand.

North Carolina is always a fan favorite, but there will be no

celebration this year on Franklin Street. The Tar-Heels are young team, however, and will be a force in years to come. UNC will go

deep this year, but nobody cares how many teams you beat in March unless you win the game that matters. So all you band-wagon fans that bought the NC hat because you like the color, put that back in your closet and wait for next year because North Carolina will not be national champions in 2006.

Adam Morrison is great and whether you are a Gonzaga fan or not you have to respect how hard this guy plays. Morrison is the best player in the country. I couldn’t agree with Dick Vital more when he says that Morrison should be the first pick in the draft.

However the Bulldogs just don’t have what it takes to win it all. Their offense relies on Morrison to have a huge game every night. He wouldn’t let the Bulldogs lose in the first round nail-biter, but there is no way he can do that each round to the finals.

The biggest Joke of this year’s NCAA tournament has to be the comments by Monmouth guard Chris Kenny. Kenny called Villanova, “pathetic.”

Are you kidding me? A 16 seed has never beaten a one seed! Never! What is Kenny thinking?

He was probably rethinking those comments Friday night after being beaten by Villanova by 13 points.

Boston College has a great nucleus of players, but after their squeaker in the first round, it’s very apparent they are in big trouble. The Eagles played well in the ACC tournament and gave Duke a scare, but unless they get their act together fast, there is no way they will get back the sweet 16.

Your National Champion for 2006 is the Connecticut Huskies. With Rudy Gay, Ed Nelson and Josh Boone, UConn is the best team in the

country. The Huskies loss to Syracuse in the Big East tournament means nothing anymore. Syracuse isn’t the best team in Big East. They just had three days where they were blessed by the basketball gods.

There play during the regular season proves that. If anything, that loss got UConn to wake up and dig in. The fact is they lost when it doesn’t matter because in the end the only team that is remembered is the National Champion. Connecticut has

the experienced players who know what to expect when it comes down to separating the men for the boys.

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