Tom Wicker coming to Castleton

On Wednesday, March 29, Castleton will be visited by Tom Wicker, a former Washington Bureau chief, associate editor and columnist for the New York Times. He will speak about the similarities and differences between the Vietnam War era and the current war in Iraq, and possibly about his upcoming book on Sen. Joseph McCarthy. He will also be available to answer any questions and lead a discussion about this topic or any others.

He was best known for his insight and commentary on the Vietnam War.

“He is arguably one of the best journalists of the 20th century,” said library director Sandy Duling, who helped organize the event.

Wicker is being brought to the campus by the journalism program and the Library’s Vermont author series.

Wicker has published several fiction and non-fiction books. “A time to die” is one well-known book he wrote about the Attica prison rebellion. His latest work, “Shooting Star: the brief arc of Joe McCarthy,” is very timely considering the release of “Good night and Good luck” directed by George Clooney, about journalist Edward Murrow who confronted McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunting.

Murrow was then seen as a truth-seeker against the abuses of corporate and governmental powers. Duling hopes to have the new book, which is due out March 20, in the library for people to check out along with copies of the book to sell and to possibly have Wicker autograph.

The talk begins at 3 p.m. in Herrick Audirorium.

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