Softball team still in the gym

The Castleton women’s softball team is anxiously awaiting the day when they can don their cleats, but for now they’ll have to settle with gym shoes.The women are still practicing in the gym as they look toward their season opener against Green Mountain College in Poultney on March 28.

Under new head coach Meghan Brown, they very young Spartan squad aims to solidify roles on the team and learn to play with each other before their first game. With only one senior, Andrea Wright, the team sports mainly freshman and sophomores who will be forced to carry the workload.

“With this young team, it has its advantages and disadvantages. They are playing very hard to try and secure a role, but the college game is much different from high school and it can be hard to adjust to,” Wright said.

The team is disappointed with being ranked 6th in the pre-season poll, but they understand that it is mostly because they lost five seniors. Wright feels that this could be the best team that she has seen since she has been at Castleton.

“We aren’t expected to do well because of the seniors we lost, but little do they know we have a very good team,” Wright said.

Brown was an assistant field hockey coach here at C.S.C., played four years of softball at Johnson State College and brings dedication and experience to the team.

“She is an awesome coach. She has a completely different style from our old coach. She is quiet, but gets stuff done,” said sophomore pitcher Angie Carpenter.

As for now, they Spartan squad is limited to the four hard walls of the Glennbrook Gym, but players can’t wait to breathe the crisp air and dig their cleats into the mud.

“I think we’re rusty, but we are ready to be outside,” Carpenter said.

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