Praskach simply didn’t like the job

Former Public Safety Director Thomas Praskach abruptly left the position last month simply because he didn’t like the job, according to Castleton State College President Dave Wolk. “In sum, and very simply, he (Praskach) told me that he really liked Castleton and the folks here on campus, but he did not like the job,” Stone said in an e-mail response.

Every employee who is hired by the college gets a six-month probationary period to determine whether they like the job, Wolk said. Praskach took advantage of that period and decided to leave, he said.

“I do know that it can be frustrating for Public Safety officers when they attempt to enforce a college regulation and then students, and sometimes their parents, become disrespectful,” Wolk ???Stone said. “The accumulation of that kind of stress can be difficult.”

“I think everyone would agree that he did a very good job for us as Public Safety Director.”

Gregory Stone, Dean of Students at the college and Praskach’s supervisor, said much the same of Praskach.

Praskach came to work at Castleton after after working as a police officer and supervisor in the Bronx. He was unavailable for comment.

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