New S.A. president wants change

The results are final. Steven Vail is the new Student Association President and he is ready to make changes.Vail, who received all his votes by write-ins, beat out the only candidate on the ballot, Dave Stebbins by an official count of 113-105.

The newly elected president had his first cabinet meeting last week and began by introducing himself to his new executive board.

“I’m a really nice guy and approachable,” Vail said. “But under no circumstances should you misinterpret my kindness for weakness.”

Vail is determined to make changes to the S.A. On the top of his list: increase the S.A.’s visibility.

According to Vail, not many students are active in the S.A. and even less are aware of its existence, evidenced by a lack of candidates on the ballot.

“I’m the voice of 2,500 students,” Vail said. “And there was only one person running for the position!”

The new president said he believes that the association has wasted a lot of money in the past. And the best way to make an impression on the students regarding what the association does for them, is to make them appreciate it.

The S.A. is in charge of organizing events on campus like the concerts that are regularly held at Fireside Cafe. Vail feels that if the association does a better job picking these events, there could be a better turnout and also more exposure for the organization.

One way of doing this is to decrease the number of events held on campus and spend more money on better shows that may draw a larger crowd.

“We spent $1,000 on a band that eight people showed up see,” Vail said. “We need to spend more money on fewer events that will draw a larger crowd.”

Also excited about the new direction of the S.A. is Vice President Michael Trzciensky, who feels that change is good, but does require some thought.

“It’s not something you can just do,” Trzciensky said.

His focus this term will be on the senate.

“I’m trying to redo the senate,” Trzciensky said. “I would like to create an ad hoc committee to look into the committees that aren’t operating.”

Trzciensky said that there are certain committees that are not functioning and are essentially useless.

“I think I can do a lot with the senate to make it a more active group,” he said. “The senators should be bringing new topics to the table and sparking conversation.”

But there is still a small shroud of controversy over the recent election.

M.J. Stades turned down the position he was elected to, vice president of academics, in protest of what he considered to be election violations.

Stades protest has left the position vacant and the executive branch incomplete.

Vail sees this shortcoming as an opportunity for him to have more influence on the executive branch.

“I’ll get to appoint who I want on my staff,” Vail said and then elaborated on the controversy over the election. “Everyone wants to make it to the top and those who don’t succeed want to throw stones.

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