Ignore housing form, pay a fine

Excitement echoes through the halls as the fliers proclaim that break housing forms are now available, signaling the upcoming break. These fliers are seen, but are they being read thoroughly?

“I sent my break housing form in the day of, and it was late,” said Heather Slater, who had to stay through the October break to play. “I was charged $25, but I didn’t see that on the poster.”

Despite the proclamation of a $25 fine, students have still been breaking the rules by accessing their rooms during breaks without having filled out a form and are shocked when they receive a letter informing them of the bill.

“It’s annoying. I pay $20,000 a year to stay here and I had to stay for a school function,” Slater said.

Students may appeal the charge and make an appointment with their area coordinator to discuss it, but they may not find a sympathetic ear. The issue perplexes Area Coordinator Michelle Gayne, when it can be avoided by simply filling out a form right in her office.

“What do they do with the housing form? Stick them in a folder somewhere?” Slater said, annoyed at the form process.

The housing break contact is a form of communication so public safety and physical plant officials know who is around. This is helpful if any vandalism or problems arise during break, Gayne remarked. To avoid problems, some coaches have started passing out additional break housing forms to their athletes who will remain on campus during breaks.

“Some students see it as disciplinary, but it’s not,” Gayne said, “it’s about responsibility. That’s what we appreciate.”

If an emergency arises or you just need to get your computer that you left in your room, an area coordinator needs to be notified via phone or e-mail about your arrival and you should be cleared.

“My dad’s truck broke down and they needed to keep my vehicle. The only day he could get off of work to bring me back was that Friday so I emailed Audrey saying I needed to come back early and she told me it would be fine. She thanked me for notifying her,” student Catherine Eddy said.

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