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Davis strives for equality in the athletic world

Wade Davis was born in the south and raised in the church. He’s an athlete, a golden boy, a NFL star. He’s also openly gay. On April 22, he came to Castleton and spoke to a full Casella Theater, detailing his journey from a confused kid in denial, to a […]


Helping in Honduras

As Castleton students trudged through campus in the early spring snow and slush, itching for their impending spring break, a group of nursing students got a head start on the journey to warmer climates. However, this trip was not one of slinky bikinis and the cheapest brews a semester of […]


CSC hires new head of Public Safety

After more than a semester of operating without a director of Public Safety, Castleton College has hired Keith Molinari to fulfill the role. With a background in both law enforcement and Public Safety on a college campus, Molinari said he is eager to become a part of the Castleton community. […]


Expansion predicted despite decreased enrollment

While official Castleton College enrollment numbers won’t be available until Oct. 15, it’s clear that this year’s in- coming class is much smaller than classes in recent years, although explanations why are elusive. “We had a similar situation in 2007, then the following year we had record-breaking numbers,” said Maurice […]


Little Rock Pond, perfect spot for hikers

Beautiful views await hikers at Little Rock Pond. Stanti Schonbachler/Castleton Spartan If you are looking for an awesome day hike less than an hour from campus, look no further. Little Rock Pond, located in the quaint little village of Mount Tabor, is the perfect destination. Situated along the Long Trail, […]


Eric Mina’s hypnotist show leaves audience laughing

Castleton students are under the control of Eric Mina in the 1787 room. Jimmy Britt/Castleton Spartan If you met Eric Mina for the first time, you’d think he was just an ordinary guy. He uses old spice deodorant, forgets where he parked his car, and has a tattoo on his […]