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My first win at Devil’s Bowl

It was another cool September night at the race track. The Super Stock race was scheduled to be the last race of the night.  “Super Stocks, cars number 99, 23, 54, 555 and 55, line up in the staging area,” I heard over the loudspeakers.  I was car number 23, […]

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Another virtual graduation

The Castleton senior class of 2021 is facing disappointment in light of recent news regarding this year’s commencement ceremony.  Castleton President Jonathan Spiro sent an email early on Feb. 22 announcing the ceremony would be virtual this year, due to social distancing protocols and the travel limitations from COVID-19.  […]

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Low-key events are a hit

Hearts were on sleeves and inside stuffed bears at a Castleton Campus Activities Board event that drew over 150 students on Feb. 12 – just before Valentine’s Day. The event, a “Stuff Your Own” stuffed animal night, proved to be one of the most popular events that the board has […]

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Castleton community reacts to K-Pop

Just a few years ago, K-Pop – or Korean Pop music – started blowing up on global music charts, including the United States. However, the Hallyu wave, or the Korean wave, which refers to the increasing global popularity of Korean culture, started in the 1990’s with the popularity of Korean […]

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Race and heritage explored in CU’s Collaborative Arts

In early November, Soundings students were given the opportunity to watch this year’s Collaborative Arts performance online. The project, led by dance professor Maya Kraus and choral director Sherrill Blodget, is a yearly collaboration of student artists that Kraus has been putting on since 2012. “What drives the whole Collaborative […]