Guilty Pleasure Song

The movie: Night at the Roxbury. The Scene: Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan are in a dance club. The Song: What is Love by Haddaway. What happens next? Most of you already know, the infamous head bob.

            This is a perfect example of what a guilty pleasure song is, that song that you know all the words too, yet you don’t want your friends to know. Yet deep down inside we know that your friends know the words to the song too.

             Before I go and embarrass others, I should tell you my guilty pleasure song. One of my favorites is “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat. Caillat’s voice is one of the most beautiful things that my ears have ever graced. And yes, I know all the words and am damn proud of it.  So is Alex Denny

            Denny’s favorite guilty pleasure song is “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston. After telling me this he continued to play volleyball, and eventually started to sing the song while playing volleyball.

            Others had the same reaction. TJ Wallace’s song was “1000 miles” by Vanessa Carlton, which was famously played in white chicks. TJ remembered this vividly and sang, “If I could just see you, smile” as he left and then chuckled.

            Then there are some people who have one but don’t really want people to know. Take Mark Cohen for example, whose song “Give my heart a break” by Demi Lovato made him sulk as he told me that this was his guilty pleasure song. Or take Nicolette Duval whose song was “Baby” by Justin Bieber. She described it as telling me she would tell friends, “ugh I hate Bieber”, but in all reality “I actually like him.”

            Whether or not people are open to admitting that they have a guiltily pleasure song, everyone does and sooner are later your friends may laugh at you because deep down inside we know your friends know the words to the song too.