Castleton lends a helping hand

Castleton sports teams are doing their part to make a difference on the community around them. Pink the Rink was an event that Castleton State College held this past Wednesday to help spread the awareness of breast cancer.The women’s hockey team played Norwich and had all proceeds go towards the Breast Cancer Program at Rutland Regional Medical Center. The team wore pink collectors’-edition jerseys donated by Rutland Regional Medical Center, which partnered in the event.

Breast cancer is something that has impacted our campus in numerous ways this semester. People have been diagnosed with it, and people have been taken from us because of this disease. Breast cancer can affect men as well as women. It may be known as just a women’s disease, but men need to realize they are at risk as well.

The team ended up raising $6,317 to donate to the Breast Cancer Program.

Students, as well as the student athletes, have gone above and beyond in trying to impact the world around them. A blood drive happened on campus, and numerous students were seen giving their blood to help out others.

This past weekend, the men’s hockey team held a canned goods drive as admission for its games.

A bone marrow drive is also going to be coming to our campus. Students can be tested to see if they are a match for anyone on the national registry. They are more than welcome to decline it if they are a match, but putting yourself out there to be an option is the first step.

Little things that we do can impact everything around us. It doesn’t need to be something as big as donating thousands of dollars from one person, but if each person does their part, it makes a huge mark and sets change into motion.

Cancer affects almost every single person in some way shape or form. Any type of fund-raiser to help try and find a cure is a good thing. Castleton State College is no stranger to people being affected by cancer. Student’s parents, siblings, and faculty – the list goes on and on.

So thanks to the teams for doing their part and helping out every mother, sister, grandmother, girlfriend, father and anyone really who is affected by this horrible disease.

Every little bit helps, and Castleton students have no problem lending out a helping hand.

Keep it up Castleton, and pass this attitude along to the upcoming classes.