SPARC event calling for peace

Music and the smell of food lingered through Castleton Thursday as students gathered for peace as part of SPARC-Fest. SPARC stands for Student Peace Alliance in Rutland County and the event was held to promote peace and justice.

Mitch Wenz, a senior, who helped organize the event, called it a success.

“The purpose was to try and get students to be active and get involved in this community, said Wenz.

While some students danced, others played Hacky-sack, hoola-hooped or chatted about issues affecting the United States. Tables piled with brochures helped inform students about issues surrounding the war in Iraq including the cost of the war and history of U.S. imperialism.

Beth Donovan, a senior at Green Mountain, helped organize this event and another at her college.

Donovan said that Green Mountain’s concert had music, speakers, t-shirts, and buttons to hand out to attendees.

She too explained how the event was to promote an overall message of peace and justice.

“We want to get out of this war and not start another war in Iran,” said Donovan as she listened to the tunes of the jam band Twiddle, comprised of CSC students.

Donovan really enjoyed the spirit of Castleton. She was highly impressed with the pamphlets and how everyone was having a good time.

One spectator, Emily Bond, came down to hear the music and said she thinks the school should organize more events like this one.

“Small numbers can still have a big impact,” said Bond.

Bond said she believes strongly in peace and feels countries shouldn’t be occupying other countries. We shouldn’t fill our ears with hate, but with music, Bond said.

John Povey, a student at Fair Haven Union High School, was the narrator for the puppet play Snow White and the Four Dwarfs.

Povey explained that the play portrayed a message of awareness about social and racial issues.

Povey said he believes the puppet show further raised awareness and only added to the already successful event.

Wenz said he hopes more peace awareness events will follow. He said it’s important for students to be aware and knowledgeable about the war and about peace.

“The weather, the band, the people, everything worked out great,” he said.