DVD Rental: The Weather Man offers different type of humor

The Weather Man is a story about a man named David Spritz (Nicholas Cage) who is a weatherman and a not too successful father. He divorced his wife, but is still trying to get the marriage back together. He tries his hardest to make his kids happy, while dealing with his father (Michael Caine), who is going through a serious illness and questions most things that David does. While tying to deal with all of this, he is trying to keep himself sane.

The Weather Man is for the dark humor audience that gets humor out of subtle things. This movie is defiantly not your Adam Sandler, up-front type humor.

The average person can understand the humor in The Weather Man, since it focuses on everyday life. The movie pokes some fun at weathermen by showing David Spritz practicing the hand and arm motions he is going to do when he presents the weather. Since most of the time his forecasts are wrong, people who watch him often throw food (usually fast food) at him. Subtle humor instances include when his daughter, who is obviously not of legal age, buys cigarettes or when he opens the newspaper box to buy a paper it immediately closes and he tries to buy another, but he doesn’t have any more money. David, his daughter and his father have a reoccurring dialogue throughout the movie, which is pretty funny on its own.

When you watch the movie you may notice similarities that are made between David and the weather. David’s character and the humor he offers are pretty dark and so is the weather, which for most of the movie is gray and snowy. As a side note, there is a lot of product placement in the movie. Pretty much every type of food that gets thrown at David is a product placement. And also, be on the look out for McDonalds, which seems to be everywhere.

Although there is no real dramatic performance aside from some verbal fight scenes, the actors portray their characters pretty well. Most of them are a bit dark and low in voice, which Michael Caine does a fine job at. His always-concerned attitude is pulled off well and stands out from the other characters. Nicholas Cage plays out his eccentric character pretty well, giving off a complete contrast to his father. There is one shot in particular that shows the contrast between them, which has them sitting next to each other. The father is neatly dressed with his suit jacket buttoned up and his hands folded. David has his jacket unbuttoned, and his hands are clenched to his pants legs. David’s father has a very calm look while David looks very nervous and worried.

To wrap it up The Weather man is a dark humor comedy definitely for the older high school students, college students and adults. If you don’t get subtle humor or are more for the up front humor like in Adam Sandler movies, then you probably won’t like this movie. It is a good movie, but the humor may not be for everyone. If you want a change from your regular Hollywood movie and a good laugh then pick up The Weatherman and watch it with some friends. A comedy is always funnier when you can share the laughs with someone.