Cairns out as ARAMARK head

Jeff Cairns will no longer be in charge the college’s ARAMARK dining service, although no one is saying why.Although Cairns will remain employed by the ARAMARK company, it won’t be at Castleton.

Dean of Students Greg Stone acts as the college’s official spokesperson regarding ARAMARK. Last week, Stone said that it could be possible that complaints to the company may have influenced the decision to make the change. He also said, however, that did not know exactly why the change was made.

When contacted at his home via telephone, Cairns said that he knows the reasons why he was moved, but said that it wasn’t something he could disclose.

“I really can’t talk to you about that. It’s a corporate thing,” said Cairns. “If I could talk, you (The Spartan) would be the first ones I would talk to, though.”

Cairns is being temporarily replaced by the University of Southern Maine’s Larry Cogle, and will be permanently replaced by Peter Merritt beginning next fall.

“I see Peter as being a perfect fit for this campus,” said Cogle, who will be returning to USM next semester.